Our Goal

Braid Health & Wellbeing provides a digital and physical space for everyone in need of support as they transition through life’s stages. We are a vibrant and forward-thinking charitable organisation, positively enhancing the ageing process for elderly, isolated and vulnerable individuals. It is our goal to offer the very best health and wellbeing support for those living within West Lothian.


Day Services

Braid Health & Wellbeing is a leading day care provider for Livingston and the surrounding areas in West Lothian. We have grown over more than 40 years to become the largest day care centre in West Lothian and a highly valued resource. Our services improve life for our clients and those involved in their care. Clients remain our core focus and we will continue to strive to provide the highest quality of service and to satisfy the ever increasing demand.

We will meet new challenges, continuing to invest in staff and volunteer training. Our services will be developed to ensure that we support older people to have as good a quality of life as possible by offering activities, learning opportunities and socialisation. 


We will support their physical and mental health, and well-being through a reduction in social isolation and engaging them in meaningful activity. We will engage older people in their local community by providing places in which to socialise, learn new skills or re-learn skills for daily living. We are registered with the Care Inspectorate and our Manager is registered with the Scottish Social Services Council.


Service Development

Our goal for 2022 and beyond is to provide a variety of wellbeing support options, so that our clients can access our services in a way that works for them. This will include digital services, outreach services, tea and chat groups, support groups and Life Skills Courses. Register for any of these services below.

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