KOMP Digital Support

What is KOMP Digital Support?

A KOMP device is a computer designed for elderly, isolated individuals who struggle with technology. We are lending these devices out for free anyone over the age of 60 who is feeling lonely and would like more social interaction. This is part of our Digital Support program.

The devices are really easy to use, and you don’t even need Wifi within your home. The user simply turns it on at the wall and they can receive photos, written message and video calls from family and friends. You can read more about the device on their website.

How do friends and family get involved?

In order to contact your loved one through the KOMP device, you download the KOMP app onto your smart phone and put in an individual code which comes with each KOMP device. You can send photos, messages and video call them through the app. You can also set what hours of the day the KOMP is online, meaning you can turn it off overnight. While the KOMP device is on, any photos or messages you have sent display on the KOMP, a bit like a slide show. So the more photos you send the better! We can support you to set this up.

What do Braid Health and Wellbeing do?

  • Braid Health and Wellbeing can provide weekly wellbeing check in calls to the KOMP user.
  • We have various classes running at our centre throughout the week such as armchair exercises, relaxation and a singing group. We can call the KOMP user so that they can join in with these sessions.
  • We send out a regular Good Newsletter to the KOMP users to let them know about positive news within the community.

How do I get a KOMP digital support device?

The KOMP device is free, all we ask is that you provide a small damages deposit and fill in an evaluation form before you receive the device and once you have had the device for 6 weeks. A family member or carer can fill out this form. If you would like to place a KOMP within your own home or within the home of a friend or family member, please email Sophie or phone 01506 430615.